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Originally Posted by Cadence View Post
Hiya! I am new to this site...! From what I have saw, it seems really friendly! I am sure I am going to like it here...
I'm Cadence, my username is from MLP and I really really really REALLY like Pokemon! I am really shy in real life, but online, I am not...! XD
Hi Cadence, welcome to PC.

Your username totally made me think you were a MLP fan.

I'm just like you in some way, shy irl but not on PC. You made a good choice to join us, we're a friendly community with a big memberbase.

One thing about PC, we all love Pokemon. And even though you missed the 10th Anniversary celebrations you can still be proud of how long we've been on the planet. Now, why don't you tell us more about yourself? Maybe stuff like your fave Pokemon or fave Pokemon character/game?

Don't feel shy, we love having new members on board so go and browse around PC and see what sections grab your interest. We've got everything you want in a Pokemon forum, so there's sure to be something you like!

Well, have a fun time here and feel free to contact me or a staff member if you need help!

- Hikari10
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