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Name: Erin Feller (Male)

Appearance: Erin is physically fit, easily able to rip his shirt off (which is done too frequently) to show off. He is quiet tall at 6"5 and has brown hair. He wears skin tight shirts but normal jeans. His looks are decent, though his ego makes him think he looks goddly. He has five fingers on each hand along with five toes on his feet. Recently he hasn't counted how many hairs are on his head but considering how it stands off his head, it would be quiet hard. He wears his clothes at all times (excluding his shirt), except before sleep where he slips into pajamas. He has a short shave on his face, preferring not to cut it all off. He also never wears a hat because he wants people to see his hair. When he smiles some say it is smug, others say it is peaceful, everyone can agree that he keeps his teeth very white.

Personality: He is very rebellious, both his parents being Plasma members angers him. They love him though they are tough on him because he doesn't work well academically, more interested in athletics and pokemon. He was protective of his friend Derek who gets picked on in school for being weak. This is very much because of his nature to be kind. He holds himself much higher than he really is though, seeing himself as the best one can get at his age. He holds on to his pride and his sense of humor (one would think smiling was a competition and he was competing with everyone in the world). He is loud and likes to make himself noticed, though is serious in times when there is no place for silliness (though he will still smile smugly)

History: His past was very free, his parents didn't ask him for much more than good grades, but he still didn't enjoy them. After he found out that they were both Plasma members he resented them, rebelling whenever he could. He dreamed of having a pokemon, and thought his parents where the reason people could no longer have them. His best friend, Derek, was always by his side at school, they were childhood friends. Derek had always been a studious type, finding psychology to be the most interesting, he helped Erin pass through school and get into an university. They had different majors, Erin took mythology and history and Derek took psychology and politics. After graduating they had different views on the world. Erin believed that people and pokemon should be allowed to live together and having them wasn't enslaving them, Derek believed the opposite and joined Team Plasma.

Erin felt alone and betrayed, his parents offered to get him a job in the organization and allow him to live with them but he couldn't live with people who thought the opposite of him. He proudly declined his parents' offer, telling them his true dream. They tried to convince him otherwise but they couldn't, so they promised to keep the fact that he will join the council a secret.

Sample Post: Dude you've read so many of my posts does this have to be done? I mean I could post the one where Arc dies in Fallout.

Password: Unoven Path all with pokemon


Derek is not a character I'm making but I might encounter him if that is okay.
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