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    Aria looked at the city. "I guess it was interesting... Oh, him? He decided to go into the- Sh*t!" Aria said as she watched the scene before her unfold. As soon as Eliza's brother fell, she sprinted over, a few feet behind Eliza. She watched as they exchanged a few words, and jumped back when the transformation came over Eliza. She dodged he few lightning bolts that came her way, and ran up to Eliza's brother as he beckoned her.

    "Stop her." He said as he coughed again, "Make her forget." He pointed to his neck, "Vial around her neck, forget." He pointed to his sword and said his final words, "Humanity, Protect."

    "I swear it." She said to his inanimate corpse. She stood up, grabbing the sword as she did. She was used to wielding weapons much shorter than this one, but it was perfectly balanced, and felt like a lethal extension of her arm.

    Sprinting into the city, she saw that Eliza had proceeded to decimate everything around her, controlling electricity in ways that Aria couldn't even think possible. She activated Agility, and as soon as everything had slowed immensly, sprinted to the other side of Elizabeth, Jumping over an electric tentacle as she did so.

    She felt something happen to her, and when she looked down at her arm she was covered in jet black fur, with a glowing oval of gold fur on the back of her hand.

    Your welcome. Eve said in her mind. Aria slightly nodded, seing the vial in sharper detail than ever. Once again using agility, Aria sprinted to the girl and grabbed the vial while swiping at her legs with the sword.

    Knowing that time was of the escense, she grabbed Eliza, groaning as electricity pulsed through her body, and force fed her the contents of the vial. She rolled away, intending to land on her feet, but instead landed face up in the fine rubble, and passed out.
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