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Clare and Kale
They both looked for some students to fight. They looked mainly in the training rooms where other humans trained (they had never fought a witch before and didn't know the techniques to counter magic). Eventually they found some human twins practicing martial arts. Kale walked up, "Hey can I challenge you to a fight?"

The twins spoke by alternating, "I can see you guys are new." "But you do not want to fight us." "I can see you are confused." "So let us explain."

Clare spoke up, "Yeah please do explain."

"We are psychics, specifically Kira and Sara and we are elite students." "Yes part of the team of O and Maggy." "The human and witch!" "Elizabeth and her brother1" "The sibling humans!" "And us." "The twin psychics!"

Clare observed that one of them was very cheerful about her speech the other (female) spoke like it was something that they've had to explain hundreds of times. Kale spoke up, "You guys are part of the team with THE O? That is so awesome, when can I meet him?"

"You may not." "Yeah! He is very busy." At that they stopped paying attention to Clare and Kale and went back to training. Kale was slightly saddened by the information but Clare cheered him up.

"Hey don't worry about it Summers, if he is hard at work that means he is building all those doodads that you like to mess with." Kale nodded and was significantly happy with the revelation. They went to the cafeteria to scout more people.
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