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Julia Blackwood - Heroes' Loft
Meanwhile, Julia just stood back and watched from outside the tent, passively watching said tent with a certain boy on her mind... among other things, such as how she was going to win this tournament and what she could do to improve her chances. ...Roy was out of comission. This was a problem to her. He had always been her mode of transportation, and could've easily carried anything he asked her to with sheer strength, save y'know... mountains or something ridiculous like that. Oh what was she to do..? Did she catch a new pokemon? It would take a long time to make said pokemon as strong as Roy had been. The idea wasn't appealing to her, for multiple reasons, but... well she couldn't magic him better! And what if this island had an ice zone comparable to the fiery caverns that had cooked her like a fine steak earlier? Julia glanced down at her skirt. ...She certainly hoped not, but ah...

For the moment being, she just waited, waited for Kiba to be ready to head off to their night shift together under the moonlight. KISSING

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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