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    Originally Posted by Hamako-chan View Post
    Not sure if anyone mentioned this yet: a little suggestion, make Pokemon variants! That would be awesome, an old game that was being created called 'Pokemon: The Lost World' had very unique variations and it was very popular, unfortunately the creator lost all his files.

    Anyway, Pokemon that lives at the beach may have a darker shade of skin due to constantly being in the sun. Pokemon living in snowy areas may have white fur instead of their normal fur, to help camouflage.
    WOW, that IS a great suggestion. Not sure if the same poke can have different sprites but still, if that's doable, it'd be a great add to this or any game.

    BTW, I think I speak for all when I say RMXP/C++ discussion is over. It's a pain to see so many new posts in this awesome thread about that. Let's keep it on topic please and let the team make their own choices, nobody else has any power of decision on their work. As we say in Argentina "los de afuera son de palo".