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Well heres two things to say, the first relates to the current topic, the second is an RP dilemma.
1. Trainer's Academy, Fallout, and Earth and Sky! are pretty big RPs, not counting the many other ones. Then character nominations can be hard since one would have to weed through pages of the forums to find every post (then relevant posts from people they interact with.) Instead why not do by best post, or have people who want to participate post all of their character's interactions in a forum in a certain section or the RP (only one nomination per character)
If you made a new section in the RP for the awards instead of a new Thread everyone could post threads of what they want to nominate along with all the info and it will be easier for judges to read and organize the posts. Additionally when the time comes to delete the threads, you can delete all but the winning one (or three).

2. In my RP I need a way to keep track of money, or even better a store, I'd open a spreadsheet on my computer but it was reformatted a few days ago and it suddenly doesn't sound like a good idea. I was hopping something where one goes in and signs in, is given initial money and I add the amount they earn. Then whenever they click something in the shop, it subtracts from the current money they have. (I know this is a program but maybe some other alternative suggestions, I was going to try ether pad but it is to easy to go in and vandalize.)
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