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    Originally Posted by bobandbill View Post
    Oi, as good a writer as Cutlerine may be (which is definitely the case), some of us aren't slouches either. =p No need to make those sort of comments without even seeing what entries people made up after all though, as it can be taken to be kinda disrespectful to other people.

    On that note, anyone want to say what they wrote about or how or somesuch?
    Mine was non-Pokemon related. I just find it hard to make a narrative of Pokemon without sounding too cheesy or stoic. Kudos for those who can pull off the balance.

    I wrote about a man who is locked in a medical facility (against his will), and has absolutely nothing to do as he is confined to a small cubicle, often restrained to the bed. Therefore, he has no one to talk to, he finds company in his thoughts and past experience. While thinking back on his past he contemplates about the many questions and secrets that have been kept from him as he grew up, which have cause him to have an identity crisis. Alone, with his haunting thoughts he tries to understand or speculate what the truth is. Why he is in the facility and what his purpose in life is while he lies in purgatory. Also, it was a first-person account of the events.

    I don't want to ruin the whole plot, so that is all I will say

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