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    "Okay" the little girl said loudly, and Aria looked confused. She the realized that Spark had completely forgotten about the Pokespirits. She then was put at ease.

    "Serpentine." Aria said in a hollow voice. All she could think of when she said the name was the snake-like Overseer. As she was spaced out, she thought she felt someone watching her from the bushes.

    No. Not again. This time I'm ready. Aria thought as she readied her sword.

    "Lay down in the grass and don't move until I tell you to." She whispered to Spark, leaning down a bit to do so.

    "Alright! Ollie Ollie oxen free! You can all come out now!" She yelled, with no response.

    "It would be in your best interest to listen! I know you're all there!" She tried once again. Still nothing. She studied the shadows carefully, and soon picked out an out of place lump behind one of the trees.

    Gotcha... Aria thought as she threw a shadow ball at the tree, which splintered. The lump remained with the tree as it fell, turning towards the light to reveal itself as a mistletoe plant that had latched on to it.

    Where... Eve, fuse. She said, and the Pokespirit obeyed, covering her in the black fur. When she looked again, she saw a few shapes in the underbrush, and then one slightly shifted.

    "I see you! Come out with your hands up and I won't have to kill you." Aria said. She saw one of them begin to stand, but was held down by another.

    "So, you want to do this the hard way? Fine." Aria said, walking up to the figures. One began to lunge at her, but was stopped by the tip of her sword in his throat.

    "Tsk tsk. Nope, not going to work Bub." Aria said. She walked closer to reveal an older man, dressed as a nomad. The rest, now knowing that they had been discovered, stood.

    "Good. Out in the open, where I can see you better." She said. She nodded in Spark's direction. "You can get up now, just stay where you are." She explained.

    Looking back at the gang, she stripped them of all their weapons. Keeping a few for herself. She took a bag from another, finding it filled with food.

    "So, deciding to bail out of Eterna? Or going there? I'd suggest that you answer me." Aria said, a menacing tone in her voice.

    "Leaving. Please let us go. We are simple citizens looking for somewhere to settle." The tallest one said.

    "Y'know what I hate about you? You're a horrible liar. If you where looking for somewhere to stay, you wouldn't have sat there waiting." Aria said walking up to him. He was taller than her by about a foot, but Aria didn't mind. She simply tripped him and proceeded to do so with all the others. While they attempted to get up, she walked down the line again. Stopping at each one to behead them.

    "Okay, Spark. Let's go." She said as she turned away from the group, gathering all their gear into one bag, which she shouldered.

    Unlucky girl, having to witness that... You can unfuse now. Aria thought, and felt everything but her ears and tail change back to the look of a normal human.
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