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    Originally Posted by C Payne View Post
    I'm not even going to try to get into a full-blown argument about how the timeline doesn't necessarily have to be full law but...even if the sages or whomever appeared post game, it doesn't necessarily have to be a complete canon one; look at the Hoenn leaders in BW2 as an example, none appear to have aged at all despite said games taking place how many years later? If they really wanted it to mean full law, they would more than likely make all changes. Either that or Hoenn doesn't have an official place yet.

    As for features, I'm still thinking over what other uses secret bases will have. I'm also one looking forward to seeing a mossdeep rocket launch in 3d.
    Except theres the chance that they wouldn't be sages then. You can justify aging skip, but none of the sages would be sages at that time so they wouldn't be wearing their sage suits or even be known as members of Team Plasma if they weren't scouted. If they were scouted then they'd have been in Unova with Ghetsis.

    None of the sprites changed because none of them aged physically enough to need new sprites. Some got changes due to updated uniforms or resprites in the past, but not all of them aged between the game set.

    Since the events of R/S are supposed to be before the events of B/W I can't see them putting plasma members in there.