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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
Except theres the chance that they wouldn't be sages then. You can justify aging skip, but none of the sages would be sages at that time so they wouldn't be wearing their sage suits or even be known as members of Team Plasma if they weren't scouted. If they were scouted then they'd have been in Unova with Ghetsis.

None of the sprites changed because none of them aged physically enough to need new sprites. Some got changes due to updated uniforms or resprites in the past, but not all of them aged between the game set.

Since the events of R/S are supposed to be before the events of B/W I can't see them putting plasma members in there.
Oh I didn't mean the sages specifically, haha, I guess that was a bad example for my point. I got a bit wrapped up with that conversation.

Going along with all of this, gsc/hgss are 3 years after rby/frlg(and supposedly rse as everyone is saying), dppt take place sometime after them, bw take place years after that, and bw2 are 2 more years after that. That's like 7-8 years at the least? Plenty of time to have a physical appearance change if you ask me, especially considering how old(wattson) and young(flannery) some if the leaders were.

All this aside, I wonder what cameos will appear either way, obviously will have some.
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