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    Originally Posted by TrollShammy80 View Post
    as if I could have a bad few computer had to wipped due to a virus I lost everything so can i please get new challenges

    PS: Emerald is done I will leave that alone

    Kanto: FireRed Omega
    Sinnoh: Sol Platinum
    Johto: Storm Silver
    Unova 1: Yang White
    Monotype: No

    I have completed Expert Emerald with Seviper so no need to redo that; if you guys are ok with it i'd like to keep Druddigon since i barely got far with em not even to first gym, but you can reroll if you'd like i don't mind
    Damn, that messed up. It wipe everything? That's so annoying, especially if you already have lots of stuff downloaded in it.

    Alright so, as for your request. Allow me to give you your random picks.

    FireRed Omega: Illumise
    Sol Platinum: Sandshrew
    Storm Silver: Girafarig
    Yang White: Buneary

    So, those are all the Pokemon that came up, when I used the random Pokemon generator.
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