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Well, you have to consider another decade. I grew up in the 90's, so I'll use that. There wasn't really any social media, very little really. And computers weren't like they were today because they weren't in every home. Nowadays, there's always at least one computer or laptop in a home. So social media is an accepted norm in today's society. I don't think children should have a Facebook though really, however if they're adding only family and school friends, I see no problem with it. And not posting nasty pictures, though that's mainly with being a teenager.

I was in sociology when I made my first post, and we were talking about economy, so it was on my mind haha. v_v The economy comes in with the single-parent home and how some children are raised. When a woman is left with children and it making the income, it's going to likely be less money than a man would make, and considering it's just one parent, it's already lower than the two-parent family. So the economic situation for the family (this applies to more than the single-parent home though) can also influence how a child is raised and how fast they "grow up."

For example, my boyfriend grew up in a two-parent home, but they're tight on money. His parents are both very hard workers and of course taught that to him. Because he was working most of his life, I feel like he's more grown up than me. He learned to earn things by doing, and because of that, he's much more mature and very responsible. Much more grown up than the average 22 year old. Obviously the economy hasn't treated them well, but he still earns all his money. He doesn't have a stable job (he worked during the summer then came back to town for school) and doesn't ask his parents for money.

Basically, there are a lot of things that factor into how a child can grow up too fast. Economy, technology, how they're raised, etc. It's not just one thing that's making it seem like kids are growing too fast. I hope this all makes sense, haha.

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