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    I've got a few cards that I'm interested in getting a value on:

    Holgraphic Absol Card:
    70 Hp
    Quick Attack - 10+ Damage
    Feint Attack

    Bottom right corner (not the corner of the card, but the corner on the yellow border) has 16 Shiny bars

    Bottom left border corner has a large Blue E with a star next to it.

    Above the shiny bars mentioned before is a four pointed star, to the left of that is a small five pointed star and the number 96/95

    Kabutops Holographic card:
    110 Hp
    Poke-BODY Primal Stare
    Luring Antenna 20 Damage
    Blinding Scythe 60 damage

    Has a Star mark in the bottom left corner as well as what looks what might be a cave with a sun rising over it (marking)

    Then I've got a First Edition Holgraphic Machamp that came with the 2-Player Started Set from 1998

    Also got four Promo cards from the first pokemon movie which are:
    Electabuzz 60 HP
    Pikachu 50 HP
    Mewtwo 70 HP
    Dragonite 90 HP

    All have got a stamp that says "Kids WB Presents POKEMON The First Movie"

    If these are worthless, don't worry about breaking it to me gently, I can take it
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