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    I've been away for a while guys, but I'm on a fan theory binge. It'd be cool if we could share some interesting ones!

    Here's one I've heard but don't know much about. It's that Giovanni wanted to knock down the Pokémon Tower in Lavender town and so struck up a deal with the Mayor (supposedly Fuji...supposedly) that he would front the costs for it. The theory says that the kidnapping of Fuji in GenI was a set up to relieve suspicion building around him. The bit of the theory that I found interesting was that it says Giovanni was a suspicious man and so wanted to move the bodies of the dead Pokémon in Lavender town to a new location - the proposed site according to the theory was the patch of ground in Vermillion city which the man and his Machop were building on. This has disappeared by Gen 2/4 and remains just a quiet hill outside the town.

    So yes, this theory is clearly missing something, but it could be awesome! Now, show me some more! :D

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