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    Originally Posted by WolfOfEve View Post
    That is my exact reason for bringing it up here. I figured we could all work together to bring up some solution to this issue. I am trying to think of something, but so far the best Idea I'd had was a Nomination Thread, but even then I'm iffy on the idea myself. But the fact is that few people will know of an RP or a player in an RP if said RP is small. For example, a goliath like Pokemon Trainer Academy will probably reel in numerous votes (due to a large group playing) and even a player within will have more votes because more people will know about them. This is compared to, for example, a group with only four or five players. Someone could make something truly amazing with this small RP or make a wonderful character for this small RP. The small group leaves an even smaller chance for the RP itself or a player within to get even a nomination, because a vast majority of RPers won't look around outside of an RP they're already in/running.

    5 votes versus one... Though I still believe that a single, well-thought-out vote can trump five votes that don't necessarily prove anything. If anything, I believe that the Judgement Power should actually be increased. So that every potential winner has a fair chance. Just because someone gets a lot of votes does not mean that a single person's vote for someone/something else is insignificant.

    Here's another idea: Require a link for every nomination. For example, link to the Roleplay's OOC or to a Character's posts, to actually show their worth. This way the Judges can see what they're voting for.


    I'd also like to nominate Supervegeta as Godliest Player.
    Then advertise people and RPs, that's the only way I can think of that they'll get noticed if not for skill, notability, or reputation.