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Originally Posted by SadisticallySketchy View Post
1. What boards are you most interested in? Roms, and erm just knowing how they work
2. What board are you most interested in getting to understand? Roms again, i would like to understand more on how they function and how people are able to hack and apply their own style and twist to it
3. Would you like to venture out into other parts of the forums? I's say so, I'm trying to get used to this site and to be honest i feel really stupid for the questions i want to ask
4. Are there any specific things you like to do while you're here? Well not to sound completely nerdy but i just want to know how it works, im just completely confused about all of this and if im going to be playing hacked version i want to know more about their creation
Unfortunately both SwiftSign and DrFuji are currently unavailable, but I can direct you to Leaf Storm, who should be available to mentor right now. But if you're only looking for someone to teach you about hacks, you likely will not find that here. ): Mentors focus on teaching you about particular sections on the forum, like finding certain hacks in Emulation that might interest you, helping you find the tutorials and tools, getting to know the section rules, and so on.
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