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    Dear god... it's beautiful

    Okay, so a log of everything I've done.

    I should mention first you might want to change your link to my picture to http:// from http, it's not displaying

    Okay, Log:

    I used the bugged ROM and it didn't work. With tears in my eyes I deleted it.
    I keep backups with names now, so I had no hardness when I recovered the backup.
    I used the backup, however it still insisted on displaying the buggy tiles and fireworks.
    So, with tears in my eyes again I said, f**k it, let's just go back to the first ROM. I've not even done anything neccessary with it anyway.
    So I went back to the first ROM and I did everything correctly. Getting this!

    So with tears of joy in my eyes I cried for the best!

    I now am pretty much fluent with this entire method Lol, one thing that comes out of it well.
    I am going in a linear direction so I now am going to change the introduction if you want to know
    I'm hoping to get a few results by the end of the month (October)

    Thank you very much for all your help
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