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I remember when I watched some Pokémon episodes baaaack then, it taught me a lil bit about friendship, how it's important to support friends and the people you care for, and maybe to never give up ?

Then there was Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, confirmed that we should keep in mind that no matter if our siblings are annoying at times, no matter if our parents authority is pestering us, if they care for us and love us, that's all that should matter and we should be able to move on. And also that, it's best to question ourselves at times, so that we won't regret the way we behaved once these people are gone, and it's too late to say "Sorry". Talking about not neglecting those who care for us, here.

Code Geass (both seasons) turned me into someone more tolerant to other people, and just made me want to insist everytime I tell someone that if they really want something, they are never going to get any results if they do not try to get what they want. But it also made me a bit more aware of how "powerful" words can be, not necessarily the "Controlling people" aspect, but also that they are far from being just words, they can be a weapon, too. That's why we should be careful and think twice before saying anything.

My god I could go on forever, but I'm going to stop here, else the post will never come to an end. xD
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