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    While it's true that Dark attacks tend to be sneaky in their purpose, I don't believe the Dark-type itself is sneakiness incarnate. I always saw it more in relation to shadows. For instance, I've always thought the reason Fighting was good against Dark was because of "shadowboxing".
    The problem with that is that the Dark type is effectively the evil type, with Fighting opposing it as the closest thing to a Light/Honour type, using honourable, powerful and effective tactics and moves; the two types are diametrically opposed, and it makes perfect sense for Fighting to be good agianst dark. It's ghost that is more akin to shadows and whatnot.

    Anyways. . . what I want to see. New Eeveelutions, (Rock/Flying/Fighting, for a type triangle) the Original Dragon, a Mightyena evolution and this one is purely wishful thinking: An alternate evolution for Dragonair. One that actually looks like it. :3 Aside from that, new Pokemon and various other evolutions, obviously. But I can't think of any mechanics I want added/changed or major story traditoion changes or anything.