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    Nightly Regimen

    Spirit glanced around for a moment. Well, this sucks. With Echo gone, and most of the other Pokemon she considered friends now going to Flare, what was she to do? She glided down to Jev, and sighed quietly. So... What do you do for fun..?


    Kiba met up with Julia, carrying the basket full of love Avaith and Mello, and (assuming Julia would follow) led the way to the clearing behind the hotel. Flare was laying down on the side, and Ki was waiting in the center. Kiba placed the basketful of Pokemon beside Flare and and walked up to face Ki.

    It's about time you showed up...

    "Sorry... I was gathering all of our friends. I found Mello and Avaith... Flare's already here, but Spiri--"

    Don't worry abut Spirit, she is better off without us right now.

    Kiba gave Ki a questioning look, though deciding it could wait. "So... Are you ready?"



    Mello looked to Avaith, then up at Flare. U-umm... Flare?

    Flare turned his head over to the two in the basket. Yeah?

    Why don't you and Spirit get along?

    Flare huffed in an annoyed tone. Why don't you go ask h--

    She wouldn't tell us. We couldn't ask anyone else, so we thought we'd ask you...

    Flare gave her a look but slowly just sighed and nodded. Fine... But you can't tell anyone, got it?


    Kiba and Ki seemed to match each other's movements. Kiba formed a fist with one hand, and a flat palm with the other. Fist met palm centered in front of his chest, and he bowed forward. Ki did the same, and the two formed similar fighting stances.

    Hoo boy, Julia. Are ya ready for this one?


    Flare looked from Mello to Avaith, and back to Mello. Look, Mello. You wouldn't have remembered... You were too young at the time... But, Spirit... Well... We were in love.

    Mello looked up at Flare, silent shock filling up her wide lavender eyes. W-wh...

    She started to find interest in females too, but she stuck by me... She stayed with me up until she passed... And now she comes back without so much as a hello to me, prancing about with her new mate.. He began to growl quietly, but silenced himself. His eyes closed and he rested his head on his front paws. It's what I deserve, I guess...


    Kiba took a solid punch in the gut, crashed down on the ground and rolled back a bit, curled and holding his stomach.

    Ki snarled in challenge. Is that all you've got, Kiba? I told you I'm not going easy on you. You've had more than enough time to relax in your bed. Are you going to get up?

    Kiba coughed and punched his fist into the ground, and with slight wobbling, stood back on his feet, regaining his stance. Something glinted in his eyes, a fire within, determination burning up his very soul and empowering his body. In almost an instant he dashed right at Ki, a fist outstretched.

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