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Well you gotta take to note the insane amount of legendaries introduced in the fourth generation, and when you think about it, they're kinda encountering the same problem with the Black and White legendaries. I don't think a new generation will come out before 2014, however two years have gone by, and they've only covered 3 legendaries so far, although B/W did consist of a lot of legendaries with relation to each other, so basing movies on them isn't gonna be as hard.

What is your favorite background story of an individual Legendary Pokemon & why?

I'm just going all the way back to the first generation and saying Mewtwo here, mainly because its backstory was still awesome. I mean, it's a cloned Pokemon, created into a world where its only purpose was to be used for power, however it developed its own personality and decided that it wasn't the life it wanted to live. It broke free, found its own way, and was seen as the strongest Pokemon up till fourth generation where it was surpassed by Arceus. Most of this is on the movies, but I feel like the first movie is one of the few things to the anime that I can actually rely on staying relatively true to the original story, and it's part of how I see Mewtwo.
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