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Between February 1st and February 22, Bob and his family signed up for a "Brothers Race" for the Nickelodeon Program, suddenly, they won, and the rules state that:
1. They must be ages 10+.
2. They must race from Elizabeth to Atlantic City.
3. Camping is allowed, get you own materials.
4. Your parents are at the finish line.

When Bob and his brother Rick is starting to get ready for this race, the person was holding a gun, saying: "ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO!"

Rick is faster than Bob, since that he is lighter, and Bob has less stamina and speed. As the ran, cars were in the way. Rick jumped over the cars, as Bob wait for them to come. As Bob sees Rick ahead of him, Bob just jumped to the cars.

As Bob was over one, he tries to balance, but the car is to slippery. He then jumped over cars really fast. As the race is going on for hours, they then went neck on neck, but Rick saw a pole, he passed it, but Bob lost control of his speed, and he hit the pole, injuring his arm.

2 days later, they passed 2 towns, they are at the woods. As they continued racing, Bob, already injured, tries to save his energy, while Rick wasted 20% of his stamina. Then at night, they had to rest. They then were camping together, since that they are brothers.

The next day, Bob trained to be faster and stronger, as his injuries heal. This is the first time that Bob has to exercise. 5 days after camping, Bob's stamina, agility, and bravery increased, almost tied with Rick.

They started running again, passing a hobo begging for some change. Then when they went to a place named Aamco. As Bob accidentally ran there, he tripped by a rock and fell down. He broke his knee. He then became shocked, how can he win?

When Bob went to a doctor, he then told him that he needs his knee fixed. The doctor said to get in a wheelchair, Bob refused, he then fell down, making it worse, then he used a wheelchair.

As Bob rolled himself in the line, a family saw Bob racing. They then remember that commercial he was in during the race. They then told Bob to be in their car. As Bob was in the back, he was happy that he got help for real, until the back of the car opened and Bob fell to the sea.

Bob was then swimming his way out, until he heard a growl, of SHARKS. When Bob swam fast, the sharks bit him as he swam, blood made them more angrier to kill Bob. As Bob went to a rock, he then climbed the rock, as he was hurt.

As the sharks tried grabbing him, the part of Bob's shirt ripped. And Bob just climbed, and his GPS fell down, getting eaten by the sharks. When Bob climbed out of there, he continued.

Days passed, and Bob was almost to Atlantic City, with Rick. Bob then passed him and almost went to the finish line, but he lost energy and passed out. Rick won. As Bob woke up, he saw Rick getting the trophy, he then started crying. Bob was in a full body cast.

When Bob got out of the hospital, the family tried bringing him out, he was heavy, they accidentally dropped him, the part of the cast, where his belly was, broke. Bob was unresponsive, with a blank stare, he was unconscious.

Everyone was shocked. They were crying, they don't want to lose Bob. Bob endured many deadly struggles, even though he is weak, he has a strong heart. Then they heard barfing. But the cast struggles, and Bob then got out, covered in barf.
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