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    When Bob went to a bike contest that he always wins, that is live, he makes sure that he breaks his record.

    "Ok guys, this is Richard Simmons, and this is the National Stunt Contest, or NSC. This will be a bike contest, let's show Bob Martin!"

    Bob came out, riding his bike, and wearing a fancy bike suit and a helmet. When he waited for Richard to say go, he is getting himself to be ready.

    "Ok, on your mark, get set, GO!"

    Bob then started to ride his bike. But he started thinking about the race he had with Rick half a year ago. This caused him to lose control and made him fall at the abyss, making bombs explode.

    "Wow, Bob lost his 4 year streak and this is the first time he has been battered up. He is disqualified from the NSC!"

    Bob was then in a Kakuna cast. When he was using the bathroom, people saw him and starting making fun of him, calling him a mummy. Bob then got sad and went to the window. The kids threw rocks at him. Bob got more angrier and fell through the window, hitting his head, causing the head part(the cranium) of the cast to shatter , even though there is a big hole, it's too hard to see Bob's head. Bob was crying, a bit of the eye holes cracked.

    He was then in a Metapod Cast. Kids called Bob ugly and barf. Bob can't move around much, when he tried crossing the street, he can't, and people were complaining. Kids pushed Bob to a store, causing a pipe to break. Water gushed, and Bob was drowning, the back of his cast shattered.

    Bob was then at the last, hardest, and protect shell that he has, based on a Pupitar. People called Bob creepy, but Bob tackled them hard. The kids were hurt. When Bob went to lunch, Derek was shocked that Bob was in another cast.

    "Have you been hurt by people because of these Pokemon casts?"
    "Yes, they would beat me up, yell, and make me feel bad."
    "Yeah, but I heard that there is a crew of teens that mess with little people who are whiny, trespassing their place, and the ones that look ridiculous, no offense. At new, I heard that they killed a 10 year old kid who was walking to school, burnt him to ash, and sell the ash for money."

    Bob was then shocked. After School, Bob was walking home, the shell started acting up and was switched to Defense mode. He was very scared, he doesn't know how to switch back. Then a group of teens came.

    "Lookie here." Said the leader.
    "A little kid who is stuck at a carriage." Said the bald one.
    "What should we do boss?" said the mohawk one.
    "We should torture his shell and him, and we could treat him like a slave."

    They then laughed, and took him to their place. When Bob saw, there were blood, skeletons, and scratches. When then tried opening the shell, the shell hardened itself, reflecting the pliers.

    "Let's leave him."
    "Yeah, he'll starve to death."

    When they left, Bob then grabbed his pocket(inside the shell), called Derek to get him out. It took him a long time to get Bob. As Derek quickly ran almost the way out, he dropped Bob, and there was a hole at the back of Bob's shell. He is hurt.

    EPISODE 10:

    When Bob was dropped, the bad kids came. They were very angry.

    "Lookie here, it's rag boy that can't move. And a trespasser is trying to rescue him."
    "We should get that trespasser. Let's get him."

    When Derek ran to the phone, he tried typing the numbers, but the phone is already busted. He tried grabbing Bob, but it too late. Bob was being beaten a lot, he was in pain. He was getting kicked, spit at him, and tried breaking the shell. When Bob was thrown to the wall, he passed out. Derek was kidnapped.

    When Bob woke up, he tried getting up(the shell is a lot like Pupitar's, and has no legs and arms. Bob then struggled and saw a message. In bad handwriting. It says:

    Dear Rag Freak,

    We have taken your wimpy friend and we are planning to put him in a bucket of acid. So we can show it on Youtube. If you don't hurry, bye-bye to the loser!

    By: Assassins.

    When Bob struggled to the parking lot, he saw the teens. And Derek is half a feet away from the pit. He was so shocked, the acid can dissolve anything.

    "Lookie here, the rag boy is here."
    "Look how he is crying to see his wimpy friend here."

    When they surrounded Bob, they had big pliers. When Bob tried thrashing them, he got caught at the bottom of the shell. The pliers are too strong for him. The shell then starts to crack. Bob then pressed the Defend button. But it malfunctioned, and it exploded. Bob was at the ground, with 2 holes at the sides of the shell.

    Bob then got up. One teen tried charging him, Bob then pressed the Thrash Button, it made the teen flew to the trash bin. Everyone tried, and Bob always defeats them, and they got thrown to a rabid bog's doghouse. The dog then chased them.

    Bob then rescued Derek. Bob and Derek then went home.
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