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    In March 16th at 7:46, Beck and his friend walked to the back of the school district where no one can locate their presence. They encountered the 8th Grade team called K.I.L.L.E.R.S.

    Force 5

    One of the K.I.L.L.E.R.S walked to Beck's serious grinned face, feeling very agitated.

    "Hey, Beck, what do you guys want?" he said with a fierce attitude.

    Beck pushed the guy and walked to the leader, feeling very angry.

    "K.I.L.L.E.R.S, I got a plan. We need help with someone."

    "Oh, Bob." The leader said as he thought back of him.

    "Yeah, we need to ruin part of his school day. Put some bad stuff at his locker, backpack, any other stuff Bob uses."

    "Wait, why are you doing it to him!? He already took enough, seriously, you want to kill him!?" the leader yelled.

    "No I don't. It's a week after he recovered the rampage, ever since then, he always pisses off a lot of people and he gives so much people stress it rips my heart out!" Derek yelled as he punched the wall, causing the wall to crumble down like a rock slide, shocking the K.I.L.L.E.R.S.

    "We might, under ONE condition."


    "We need some of your weapons. Don't use the dangerous ones because it can kill him. I remember when he almost died by the fire and the 59 bullets."

    When Bob walked to his locker feeling that nothing wrong will happen to him, an acid bucket fell on his face. It melted part of his skin on his face.

    "What just happened!?" Bob whined.

    People laughed while pointing at him.

    "Stupid kid!"

    Bob cried hard as he shrouded his face and went to class. Then in Honors Math, Bob slowly approached to his seat. Then Beck put his leg under his leg tripped him. He fell down. It hurts his face muscles.

    He struggled to get out and slowly crawled to his seat. When he sat down, a fart noise came out.

    "Bob, no pooping noises in my class!"


    When a guy did an equation at the board, he tried explaining the class, but the pooping noise came back, LOUDER THAN BEFORE. So much people got annoyed.

    "Idiot!" a girl screamed
    "Bob, what's wrong with you!" Beck laughed.

    "Bob! Are you stupid!? Stop pooping on purpose!" the teacher yelled

    "No I didn't do it!" The pooping noise happened continously. Beck then rolled a stink bomb under Bob's seat, it EXPLODED with a huge noise! The bad smell runs through EVERYWHERE at the school.

    "Bob, you will have a Saturday detention for pooping on purpose. I don't find it funny. You made Tyler lose his real legs, and it took forever to fix his house too. And you didn't even show you cared."

    Bob then cried and ran to the bathroom, while others laugh and point at him.

    As Bob quickly tried running through the halls, the leader of K.I.L.L.E.R.S made an unexpected appearance. he brought a rabid pug with a rug. The pug is big and super fat with a frightening grin. He then charged up stating electricity so much, it then charged so much on his fur. He chased Bob, and he SHOCKED HIM!

    Bob is on fire again! He ran, he burnt a poster that is important that the Principal was going to talk about. Then she saw Bob burnt it, he's going to get 2 Saturday Detentions. He cried hard. Bob went to gym late, he got a teachers detention tomorrow.

    Then they think about what Bob did to the other people, they think he has a problem, they put him in Special Ed. People laughed so hard. Bob is not in Honors anymore. He learned so slow, he made his parents prove to them he doesn't have it, then they realized that Bob was just suffering a lot of stress, then they put him back to Regular Ed.

    Bob then thinks about his future, he remember when he talked to his mom when acting suicidal(the middle of the 3rd episode, in July.

    "Mommy! I don't want to live anymore! Life is too hard! I'm tired of people being mean to me!"

    "Robert, when you have problems, go talk to an adult who works at school, talk to me, or your father. Why is it so hard for you to do that?"

    "They don't understand. I'm too scared. They might not believe what I say, I tried, but they think I'm crazy and I did this to myself for attention. They think Beck is all ok and innocent, but he is a mean killing machine. I can't beat him! He wants to kill me! Look what he did to me! I have major damage at my head and my body!"

    Bob is in a cast. 59 bullets, fire, stabbed and whacked by a baseball bat, shocked by a stun gun, and hit by a bowling ball.

    Then he remembered when Beck and the others beat up Bob.

    ("Sorry, SORRY!? How are you sorry if you made us get injuries at our palms!?"

    Bob then became stingy. "You were the ones that made your arms hurt. You threw rocks at me and it got it back to you. And shut your face and move on. I'm----"

    The pain from Bob's cast is injuring Bob's arms and legs.

    "I'm....... I'm...." Bob then went to Beck, slowly, then Beck grabbed Bob's head and threw Bob to the pole of the flag. The eyes of Bob is slightly bleeding.

    "Guys, he's sorry! He really means it! If you don't believe me, tell BOB! Don't injure him!" Derek screams.

    "We can't trust Bob. Look how he destroyed my friend's house. He's a monster because of that "thing" taking over him. He's in "LOVE" with it. And he could do it to others. Look at his eyes." Beck then grabbed Bob's head.

    He then squeezed it, it caused excruciating pain to Bob, and he threw his head to the ground.

    Bob's crying, of tears and blood.)

    He just got sick and then went to the principal about it. She then suspended Beck, his friends, and the 8th graders for 1 month! Bob then had a relief. The principal sent a phone call and made an assembly about this, everyone then felt bad for how much sadness Bob had.
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