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    Eren & Pallas

    "Good work, you two." Even after just fifteen or so minutes, Eren and Zane were beat. That's Dominique's training for you: always intensive, always effective. Of course, Zane didn't show even a hint of him being tired; he was stretching again. He'll crash by the day's end. "I heard that we'll be playing Capture the Flag again later today, so this was good for preparation."

    "Do you know who we're up against this time?"

    "Since we were on the winning side last time, we'll be pit against something our Pokémon are weaker to like Hestia's kids. If that's right, then we'll be working with another team that's weak to the same elements."

    "So if it's Hestia's cabin, we'll be working with Demeter's kids, right?"

    "Exactly, Zane; Ares' cabin, too, since they'd lost last time, and that'll only make us worse as a unit." Demeter's kids weren't much for fighting, so Eren and Zane were likely to be defending more than their own cabin while Ares' kids just charged in haphazardly. "We can't worry too much about that right now, though. This location is a prime spot for Athena to start, since we already have our personal plans taken care of. Make your mark and let's go."

    "Make your mark." That is, leave a trace. Dom's Weavile cut into a tree to the point where it was ready to fall if it just had a push from Zane's Beartic; the Beartic hocked a loogie into some water nearby, freezing a patch over nicely. It'll last until lunch at least. Pallas himself frosted over some of the leaves and branches in a tree adjacent the Weavile's. Once their marks were made, Dom talked strategy back to the cabin.

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