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I don't know- I know from personal experience that it was abused. I was given negative rep once for using a certain font colour. A FONT COLOUR! It had nothing to do with the quality of my posts whatsoever. Fairly sure I was given other negative rep for minor or completely irrelevant reasons too. Having said that, it's a nice concept and I can see why you'd want it to be brought back. Alas, this is a Pokemon forum so they would be a lot of people who'd misuse it and it's brought back a couple of times only to be taken away again, so I really can't see it happening for a third (?) time. :x

And yeah, it did become a bit of a popularity contest, sadly. :x People with more rep were taken more seriously and given 'extra attention' on several occasions by other users from when it was used, which isn't really right in my opinion. :s