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    Originally Posted by Nimblethumbs View Post
    Holy hell there are no RPs.

    Anybody shamelessly advertising their RP?

    The one I applied to was a good one but seems dead to me (it's been at least a week since I finished my SU...)
    Well, I have two currently up, and if you join them, here are the situations:

    If you join Sacred Fire/Divine Water, you'll be aiding in the revival of a roleplay about two feudal families of ancient Johto. This RP I had based loosely on the "Pokemon Conquest" theme, so every human is spiritually linked to one Pokemon. This can be very trivial, as you will die if your link dies, faint if it faints, and feel pain when it feels pain. In some cases, but not all, the linked human and Pokemon will have matching personalities, and will often feel the same as their link. These families were once one, and there is tension between them. If this sounds interesting, go ahead and take a look. I based the story around actual Johto Lore from the games, mixed with my own interpretation of what happened.

    If you join Zelda: Dimensional Links, you'll be signing up for an original story in which Vaati tears through the dimensions, capturing the wielders of Triforce in each, supplying him with an unlimited source of power. The players must form a group while in hiding, going through preparations as they aim for the fight of their lives. This RP has yet to begin, and only four players will be accepted once it starts. This is going to be a small RP and requires members that are extremely loyal to their Roleplays.

    Go ahead and click one of these colorful titles to see the OOC pages.