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    Originally Posted by Megaman765 View Post
    Well I just got my Commission in. Looks pretty sweet I say :p

    Holy-good-lord-almighty-Arceus. Did you /draw/ that?

    Originally Posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow View Post
    Time is generally not a welcome concept here, because it's a rather unimportant detail that only really causes problems.
    I just imagined Dialga and Celebi, turning away with their heads down in shame.

    Originally Posted by ShinyDiamond View Post
    Well Valorie managed to endure the battle long enough. O.o I'm actually surprised Kiyoko morphed into his human boy in front of everyone! I'd like to see how things turn out.
    I saw your post. I figured it might be something surprising, though I was more referring to the fact that he actually showed a sliver of bravery.