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ooc:I got tired of writing "the older girl", or the "guy", so i am going by names now

Creed grabbed Ryans homemade grenade before he even had a chance to offer it to lucy, and punctured the apricorn, letting all of the gunpowder filter out. Creed then proceeded to tell him that he shouldnt be using such devices, and this just pissed Ryan off.

<Hey Ryan, lets see what this guy tastes like well done, shall we?> Casper suggested jokingly. Thats not how i deal with things, you know that Casper. <of course, i just kidding, jeez>.

Ryan turned to face Creed fully, and said " Look, i dont intend to use those in an offensive manner, as you assumed. I merely use them as distractions, or for removing inanimate obstacles." Ryan did a partial transformation, and continued talking.

"I generally dont like harming spirit wielders, or young kids, so i wont hurt you, but believe me, if you continue to piss me off, i wont hesitate to set your a$$ on fire." Ryan emphasized his point by intensifying the heat of his tail flame, and burnt Creeds eyebrows off. <Ha ha ha! good one Ryan!> Casper exclaimed.

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