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    Oshawott is just too cute and he is adorable in the anime, dewott is like a ninja, and samurott is like the old wiseman.

    Mudkip is adorable because he has cute little cheeks, he sounds cute in the anime, and to sum it all up, I liek mudkipz.

    Piplup, meh he's ok, I don't really understand why everyone loves him so much, nothing against him though, but prinplup is real ugly.

    Squirtle, I don't really like this thing at all, he has a turd on his back, he is terrible in SSBB
    and his voice is really annoying, I still find hope in him though.

    Totodile, GAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! Kill it kill it with fire! This thing is so ugly he makes me hurl looking at his warts on his ugly nose, he looks like he got a nose job, and he sounds like Donald duck in the anime! My sister is obsessed with this sorry exuce for a Pokemon, she watches videos of him doing stupid things, and she always looks at his messed up face on google images