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Creed Reese
Towards Mt.Coronet

Creed looked in Lucy's direction, then he looked in Ryan's, and then back in Lucy's again. "...Yes ma'am." He responded to Lucy's orders. "It seems I have a tendency to piss people off and attract's a little disappointing." He chuckled and said, "then again, I guess it's these little Magnemites right here," he pointed to Amethyst and Lucy, "Who are really attracting all of the bad-boys." He returned his hand to his pocket and said, "but I'll do whatever the boss-lady says; after all, I'm doomed to be the weakest person here not long from now..." He looked up and said, "Evolution's a b!tch I just can't tame."

Creed then listened for the quiet Amethyst. Her breathing, from what he could tell, was steady and slightly choked, she hadn't said anything for a while. In fact, he'd only heard her speak but twice, and only one of those times was it directed towards him. He didn't try talking to her, however, for the simple reason that she was so dependent on Lucy (or rather, so attached to her) that he felt it wasn't his right to intrude. That, and the thought of Lucy holding a melancholy Amethyst made his heart flutter; after all, these girls were his only real weakness.

He turned to Ryan and said, "I won't take back what I said, though. I don't think it's right for those of us with such abilities to use human weapons. In a sense, we've transcended them, we've become something they are unable to harm on their own, they need something to even have a sliver of a chance against us. It's almost like mocking the human race if we use them against the humans, it's overkill." He paused for a few moments and looked back at Lucy, and turned to Ryan again. "But I don't want to impede this journey and longer, so do what you want." With that, he jogged up towards Lucy and then, once behind her, matched her walking speed.
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