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<I feel violated! you should give that girl a good whooping!> Casper advised Ryan as he turned and walked in silence along with Creed, Lucy and Amy.
Look Casper, just because i lost my temper with that guy and burned his eyebrows doesnt mean i am going to attack everyone. I probably deserved getting my tail pulled, as awkwardly embarrassing as that is, i shouldnt have lost my temper in the first place.

Ryan thought about what Creed said as they walked, and pulled out his last grenade and stared at it longingly before tossing it away. <What the heck was that for?!> Casper exclaimed.

Well Casper, now that i think about it, that guy may be correct. Anyway, my goal isnt to fight spirit wielders for childish reasons. i want to help people, i guess. Man, Lisa must Really be rubbing off on me... <I suppose it doesnt help that the older girl is kinda cute huh?> Casper teased. Ryan didnt deny it, but just kept walking.

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