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    Accomplished a decent bit since my first update.
    -Got to dewford, trained a little.
    -Beat the Dewford gym.
    -Delivered the letter. Did not feel like finding a pokemon that could learn flash, so i just walked through the darkness.
    -Got to slateport, defeated Team Aqua, delivered the goods.
    -Continued on my way to Mauville, fighting trainers and doing the Trick House in the process.
    -Fought everyone around mauville, defeated the third gym without breaking a sweat.
    -Traveled through the firey path, got to that city( cant remember name) and did the whole scene in the cave with team aqua and the scientist.
    -Traveled to the mountain, where i defeated team aqua. Acquired meteorite.
    -Am now working on the 4th gym, with my grass types and my lombre that doesnt know any water moves.
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