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    Originally Posted by MiTjA View Post
    Where does gamefreak say that Arceus came first?

    The creators of the movies work with gamefreak? Thats news to me. Got any source?

    I mean they make Kyurem change forme on its own, which is obviously complete nonsense compared to how gamefreak intended it when creating them.
    Not picking but just found a new interview on that says what i said pretty much. Masuda admits that he attends meetings for both the animations and TCGs and he has a slightly active role in the animations part while Mr. Unno deals more with the TCG stuff since he's the art director.

    P.Com: It’s pretty well understood that designs in the video game lead the other aspects of Pokémon. Mr. Masuda, how often do you get consulted for upcoming animation and Pokémon TCG plans?

    Mr. Masuda: There’s obviously talk between the different elements of Pokémon. For example, when the new movies or animation series are being planned, I participate in the meetings and discuss what’s going to be featured.
    I was at first making connections and had no proof of what I said since I was only pulling from observations with Ken Sugimori being one of the lead artists for multiple areas of the Pokemon Franchise, but Masuda just pretty much said that all three areas work together is some aspect and the Animations, (movie or TV series) does get info straight from Gamefreak.

    So the info from both the Anime and Games are pretty solid. We know from the Anime at least Arceus is definitely first. Game wise still points to Arceus.

    (Only quoted cause this post would seem awkwardly out of place without it. sorry.)