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Spark sniffed, and carried the flower all the way back to the rolls. When Aria asked about her dream she explained, "The town was empty and I was looking for my doll." she sniffed, "And I couldn't hear anybody, then there was girl standing on broken toys and I couldn't get to the top and she broke it. Then it started storming and lightning hit her." Spark thought about what else she could say, but she was still in shock, "and the doll looked like me but the girl cut its hair" She held out her flower, "And I think she also broke the flower and trees." she wailed.

In her mind the funny voice tried cheering her up, It was just a dream. it said, and the motherly voice hummed softly. After a few minutes she calmed down and curled up in the blankets. "It was just a dream." She whispered, almost like it was a mantra or incantation. Eventually she fell back asleep, breathing softly.

Her new dream was much lighter. In the dream there were red and blue flowers, and even a green one in the center. Two small creatures that she had never seen before appeared to her, they couldn't speak or maybe she couldn't understand them. They showed a little bit of electricity between them, slightly scaring Spark but she realized that it was harmless. "Do you guys want to play?" She said, the small creatures nodded cheerfully. One was tan and red, the other was tan and blue, both of them were identical except for the markings on their cheeks and shape of their tails.

In her dream they ran through the field, it was the most fun she had ever had. She looked up at the sky and saw smoke, and thought it was a cloud. She woke up the next morning excitedly, back to her innocent self. She noticed that Aria was still sleeping and decided to go through the bags again. She found some food, enough for a day or two. She put it back, she wasn't hungry. She also found a map, crudely drawn and very basic, she couldn't read and decided that this was also useless so she put it back. She found matches, rags, another knife, and another stick with glass.

She climbed up a nearby tree that wasn't missing a limb and looked down the road, she could see a town with flowers just outside of it. "Hey Aria look, there's a town down that way is that Solaceaon?" The funny voice in her head answered the question, No that is Floaroma Town, we were here once. Spark reasoned that we referred to the two voices and thought that maybe they were ghosts, she didn't let on though because she didn't want to scare them off. "Never mind! Its Flower Town" Floaroma "Whatever."
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