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    Simple answer I overlooked. But here's the error I get when going into the editor, escaping, and trying to save.

    Pokemon Essentials
    Exception: NoMethodError

    Message: private method `gsub' called for nil:NilClass

    PokemonEditor:32:in `get'

    PokemonEditor:81:in `pbGetTrainerConst'

    PokemonEditor:478:in `pbSaveTrainerTypes'

    PokemonEditor:474:in `each'

    PokemonEditor:474:in `pbSaveTrainerTypes'

    PokemonEditor:471:in `open'

    PokemonEditor:471:in `pbSaveTrainerTypes'

    PokemonTrainers:71:in `pbConvertTrainerData'

    PokemonEditor:3245:in `pbTrainerTypeEditorSave'

    PokemonEditor:3829:in `pbTrainerTypeEditor'

    This exception was logged in ./errorlog.txt.

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