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Kale and Clare
Kale looked at them, completely interested with more witches, "Dude you look awesome, I love the samurai look, I can't grow my hair that long but you do it awesomely." Kale observed the other twin, "And you're stunning, I love the kimono. You guys are probably the best dressed people on campus!" Kale was again very interested in meeting a witch (especially two). He had an interest in magic due to its roll in helping technology progress. "Earth and Water? That is cool, I mean solid, I mean that's awesome."

Clare had no idea what Kale was talking about, she had never learned what a kimono or samurai was, not wanting to insult any cultural custom they practiced she only agreed with Kale. Ignoring him for a second she spoke to the siblings, "Hello, I'm Clare, and that is Kale Summers, we are just humans, but we are also fighters and musicians."

Kale was still ranting, "Kimonos originated in Japan you know, and Japanese dancers often wore them." Ranting on about the history of the dress, then he jumped to samurais, "They were expert swords man, you know that I'm a swordsman too?"
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