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    Has anyone completed nuzlocke on black and white?
    With what pokemon?
    What rules did you use?

    I just completed nuzlocke on the following rules:

    Basic two.

    No healing items. Use only pokemon centers.
    Pokemon who evolve only once forced to stay in basic form. Pokemon with 3rd forms can go up to second form.
    Only power enhancing items can be held. No berries.
    No health restoring moves other than rest, and even in that no snore/sleep talk.

    Woobat (I know right?)

    I wanted to do more but after this playthrough. I found it pretty challenging.

    After this Im doing my own version of nuzlocke.
    Itll be all same rules exept the second main rule must be changed.
    You can only use the same type as your starter.

    Oshawott? You can only catch water pokemon from here on out.