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    Well, here's the first couple parts, looking forward to writing the history. Hope you enjoy it so far.

    EDIT: History added

    Name: Jade Catharine DePois

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17


    Jade is not the most practical person. Easily swayed by her emotions, (which change as often as her clothes) everything is made into a drama production around Jade. Sometimes her inflated actions and reactions blow up to such an extremity that people find it hard to take her seriously. Stomping feet, extreme breakdowns, and boisterous cheers are common indicators of their respective emotions. She has no issue humming or singing in front of others. Of course, this provides easy and clear communication to others; it also has a way of pushing them away. The only ones who misunderstand her are those who are new to her due to her strange, but consistent, techniques.

    Jade loves her own Pokémon more than anyone else could imagine. Though the recent anti-battling activists confuse her, Jade doesn’t believe in killing her Pokémon for the point of recreation. Often, Jade would walk through her father’s garden and pet the Skittys that found themselves enchanted by the aroma of the garden. She grew up with Pokémon; they have always understood her more than any human, especially the nanny, her only mother figure. They never told her to “Grow up.”


    Jade dresses as loudly as her personality. Standing at a respectable 5’7”, she seems caught up in a very... –modern- way… to say the least. Adults find themselves appalled at the sense of fashion she has chosen, one that often shares taste with Elesa. Tight-skinned designer clothes keep her up-to-date from a cultural standpoint. Separate neon colors and sharp black make up the majority of her outfits (though pink more often than not). She can turn men’s heads, but is not particularly “gorgeous.”

    Though, the clothes do prove her figure is envied, her face isn’t exactly model material. Jade’s face has its imperfections, such as freckles and still a little hints of acne around the portrait. Make-up does its best to keep a smooth, symmetric through some unconventional methods. The choice to use any color of the rainbow is common from Jade. Bright green eyeliner takes away the gaze from red blemishes to her deep green eyes. Her hair is short, only clawing towards her chin. A common description of her hairstyle? People say she looks like a modern flapper. She doesn’t mean to come off as one, certainly not from the rebellion standpoint. It just happens to be what she looks like. A streak of green highlight is the main separation from the rest of her naturally jet-black hair. Jade loves her name and admits to being cheesy, but she does, in fact, wear jade earrings.


    Throughout her life, Jade has been provided everything she ever really wanted physically. Her father made a considerable amount throughout his career, easily enough to take care of his beloved little girl while he was gone. She had received care from a nanny throughout her young life, but Jade never did appreciate her services, nor did she care. Every week she would just wait for Sunday to come along. That one day when daddy finally came home and they’d have just that one day together. During this time, she was also homeschooled, which would later contribute to her socially awkward personality. One of her earliest memories was of her father reading folklore to her at night. Nothing fascinated her more than the story of Suicune, but dragons came close. Her mother never died, but left her father when Jade was too young to remember.

    Later, when Jade grew older and entered more questionable years of her life, she would often get angry with her dad for not being there. What was done was done, though, and she argued her way into public high school. These were rough years for the second generation DePois. She certainly had the etiquette to act civilly around others, just way too much for the other highschoolers. Any time the students had the chance; they would attack her wealth. “Diamond” was her nickname, obviously with quite a bit of sarcasm. One student, Frederick, sacrificed his popularity to be her one friend that year. Though he helped her through it, that summer her wardrobe pushed her proper dresses to the back and replaced with modern fashion (her dad didn’t exactly approve of the change, but he decided to encourage her choice). The boys certainly enjoyed this change, finally accepting her as the person she was. Frederick was still the one she chose to be with the longest that year.



    Roleplay Example:


    -Take a Bow-

    Tonight’s the night of our nation, nation
    Don’t take it away or face damnation
    We are the people of tomorrow’s world
    We are the people of tomorrow’s world.

    Jade’s feet slammed the ground intermittently as the music pounded her body and echoed through her ears. No concert even compared to the musical talent of the latest pop sensation (then again, none had compared to the previous pop stars…). Her head was an earthquake; her hair displayed the aftershocks. Tonight was not just any night out, though; this was her 17th birthday present from her parents, verification of her adulthood. Ever since she was a child, she idolized becoming the boss of her life. Unlike most teens, she loved her parents, and couldn’t understand the ideas behind rebellion. None of these thoughts arose to her head; however, the world’s largest smile ensured that. All that was left tonight was Jade and Frederick, her boyfriend of six months. Frederick didn’t particularly enjoy pop, but if it made her happy on her birthday, he would appease anything she wanted.

    Forget what they say
    Migrate away
    This is our world now
    Jade’s energy spiked with the crowd’s as the song entered its chorus. She couldn’t quite tell if the headache was from the noise, or a sore neck pleading for rest, but the pain was bliss. Jade was on top of the earth for once, for this moment she owned everything. She knew it couldn’t last forever, nor did she care. Frederick and she caught eyes and both smiled. For a moment, Jade leaned in to kiss him as they had so often. Something unusual took place this time. Frederick turned away? Her bouncing slowed to a halt. The crowd didn’t matter anymore. A separate entity and sole focus on Frederick was all Jade saw. This had never happened before: surely he must not have seen her. All possible validations of her reality rushed her mind. He simply didn’t see… Or, maybe my breath smells bad? I’m sure it’s nothing.

    “Look…” Frederick’s voice was hardly audible over the blasting music and the roar of the crowd. Even so, Jade knew this ‘Look.’ Along with the tone and the context, this ‘Look’ could only mean one thing: disappointment. “I can’t take this anymore.” He didn’t even have the decency to look her in the eyes. His own fell to his feet as they toyed with the ground in a nervous habit. “This… Us… I thought this would be ABOUT us… Not just you.” His stoic face represented the seriousness of the nature. “You’re a great girl, and all, just a little… egocentric.”

    Jade’s smile had faded some time ago, but tears clawed at her eyes. They were not tears of sadness, per say, but rather her only reaction. Numbness wrapped her body like a straight jacket. Her mouth unhinged, but nothing escaped. Everything was so sudden, but only one function of her body could work: instinct. A palm raised into the air with a second of delay. Frederick acknowledged it, and allowed the slap to come, his payment. Of course, he deserved it in both their eyes, but both felt an emotional tear within themselves. Like the stone she was named after, Jade’s heart went stone cold. She quickly walked behind the crowd, shunning her own face from view. Streaming make-up didn’t exactly make for a beautiful woman.
    We simply must wait
    ‘Till the world takes its bow
    The crowd erupted into applaud as the top-of-the-charts song completed.

    Nothing can stop us now

    Jade ignored the sound from the stadium, and mounted the Dragonite she had hired from the ferrying service, though the Dragonite sensed her despondency, he took her home anyway. It had always been a dream of Jade’s to fly by dragon, but this was similar to a nightmare. Numbness didn’t exactly constitute the “nightmare” status, rather more like a sort of limbo. Tears flew into the night sky, but sadness didn’t cause them. It seemed cruel to ruin a childish person’s birthday; yet, she didn’t care about that. He wasted both their time by waiting to tell her.

    As the Dragonite landed in the courtyard of her home, she dismounted and placed all of her pocket change into the pouch. Satisfied, it cried and flew off into the night.

    Jade didn’t storm into her house, exactly, more like floated through. She silently closed the door, slithered into her room, and closed the door. Slowly she began removing her earrings. Like a Duskull, she sat on her bed with all of her tears cried out, and a pale white face. No sounds surrounded her, her father on another business trip. There was no way she could sleep; Jade stood up and walked to the computer. She needed to escape, get away, and only one solution would be permanent. Moving the mouse on her computer, she scrolled the cursor over the search bar. “S-U-I-C—“ One of the top searches stopped her from typing the obviously masochistic thought.

    A couple people throughout Hoenn claim they have seen the dog told in legends. Yes, people have said Suicune has appeared throughout the region. Though no evidence or scientific theory shows any proof of this, the cases have occurred throughout the region and seem entirely unrelated. Many trainers have left their lives in search of the idyllic dog. Read More….
    One phrase popped out to Jade.

    Many trainers have left their lives in search of the idyllic dog.
    And with that, Jade realized what she must do. She scribbled down a note to her father. Her hand stung with not only memories, but physically from Frederick’s solid face. She grabbed the money her father had left her, packed a traveler’s bag, and left.


    Do not be alarmed; I am okay. I am following in your dad’s footsteps. I just need to get out for once.
    Love you lots, See you soon.
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