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    Originally Posted by Drakow View Post
    I don't know about Siggy. It really does just seem subpar to me. It needs three energy to attack, Darkrai decks will just catcher around it and Siggy can't even hit Darkrai that hard, and Zek Eels have Raikou EX to snipe around it. Those are the main two EX decks you'll be facing as far as I am aware and I just think Siggy is mediocre against both. It's downright terrible against other main decks like Empoleon Terrakion and Garbador Terrakion. Run one if you really want to but I wouldn't bother with it at all.

    I do not understand why you would not max out Professor Juniper. Hands down the best supporter of the format and you'd run sub optimal choices like Cheren / Bianca over it?

    Rest of the deck seems fine.
    I do agree Juniper is the best in the format, however I find that many times when I draw Juniper, I have things in my hand I don't want to get rid of, and I just kind of prefer to have the ability to just straight draw in a pinch. Maybe that's just my playing style. I'll definitely test it with max Junipers, though.

    Originally Posted by Haxorus3465 View Post
    Mewtwo + Siggy??? Not needed. May want to add 1-2 Shaymin because its the only counter for Terrakion. It helps.
    I don't know. Sigy has a very important role as my Mewtwo EX counter (without forcing a mirror counter) so I'd like to keep at least one. Perhaps I'll switch it down to one and then add in a Shaymin EX (darn.. just sold mine...)
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