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    Adeline Densetsu
    Divine Water

    "You're kidding me, right??" Tsurara asked in apparent disbelief. Addie raised her eyebrows and shrugged as if his reaction was completely uncalled for. It wasn't. "Were we at two different festivals? She's getting better because she had become sick. Too much time out in the forests gathering herbs. I'm thinking she'll need an apprentice here soon." An apprentice. Psh. Adeline knew she easily collected twice the amount Seraphina did in half the time.

    Then again, Addie had long since quit collecting helpful herbs and had instead been picking up near-lethal ingredients. Whatever. It didn't matter to her what everyone thought. She didn't care about anything. Adeline glanced down at the child who had fallen asleep. Forget getting it some food, it was best to set it down in its new bed and not wake it up. Waking it up would only encourage it to cry in the middle of the night, and Addie wouldn't be having it.

    "I was busy socializing with the Putrid Fire family. Y'know, make them think we're totally nice and whatnot. Besides, who is going to be Seraphina's apprentice?" Addie looked around the empty halls. "There's no one here. Unless you're implying that we can get Father off his ass in order to do something." Adeline walked away but then returned in a split-second. "Would be very good for his heart. Maybe it could actually start pumping for once."
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