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Originally Posted by Pppgggr View Post
Well, I've been gone from the forums for a couple of months now. I think it was around April or May that I left, and I think I was only an active member for a month or two before that. The reason I left had to do with serious family issues, which sapped my interest in the forum.

When I had been on the forum before, I had no access to any of my games, but after buying a 3DS, finding my Platinum, buying white, and having a sudden urge to write a pokemon fan fiction, I decided to give it another go.

I doubt anyone really remembers me, but since the description for the Welcome/ New Users section said you could re-introduce yourself after at least a 30 day absence, I thought, "What the Heck?"

I don't have as much free time as I did when I joined, but because of that, I won't get bored easily and so I was thinking I might poke into the roleplaying section while I'm here.

I think I'll be sticking around the forum longer this time around, so hopefully I'll be able to better integrate into the forum.

Happy posting.
Hi Pppgggr, welcome back to the forum who missed you - PC.

I guess your family issues are resolved now? Well, let's hope your second stint at PC will be just as fun as your first. We're friendly and we always love it when users return from an unexpected leave.

Everyone who posted above me has already got you covered, but I might also want to direct you to the Current Generation Pokemon Gaming section, since you're playing Platinum and White.

OK, have a good time and feel free to VM me, alright?

- Hikari10
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