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    'Nice to you too' Lucas greeted with a smile whilst shaking their hands. After greeting Teal, Kira and the rest of the Pokemon, Lucas was still quite curious of who has his hat. 'Hey I just realized, it is thanksgiving isn't it.' Teal spoke out, 'How could I have forgotten something this important.' Teal did a facepalm. 'I know how I'll fix this! How about I make us all a feast!' Teal said cheerily, 'Considering most of you have helped me in some way, I can easily give thanks by doing this.' Lucas looked at his partners and realised that they haven't ate anything since before they got here many hours ago. 'Umm I don't really celebrate Thanksgiving, but can I join you for the meal?' Lucas asked politely. 'I'm okay with the idea of some food, but what in Arceus' name is Thanksgiving?' Seth asked, looking at Teal. With that the Linoone sprinted off in search of another person that Lucas had to be familiar with.

    Lucas sat beside his Pokemon. 'So Heracross, I know your a young Pokemon, but is there any moves you know?' Heracross jumped up and started swinging it's horn and attempting to jab Aipom with it although Aipom was dodging with ease. 'So that was either Horn or Fury Attack?'. It raised it's left arm agreeing that it was Horn Attack. Slowly and gradually Heracross's facial expression slowly changed from happy to more and more horrified as it noticed Scyther back in plain view. Lucas stood up and looked at Seth but in a way that he was protecting his two Pokemon. Aipom got curious and began talking it over with Heracross.

    'Good, now then, Lucas, if you could come here for a moment...' Seth said, keeping his eyes on the Scyther the entire time. 'Me?' Lucas said as he pointed his thumb at his chest. Lucas slowly paced himself over behind Seth with Aipom and Heracross not far behind. 'Y-yes Seth?' Lucas asked worryingly. Heracross sat on the ground and slowly began embracing itself and making it's armoured shell harder and harder, getting ready for anything Scyther may do, while Aipom was slowly gathering it's focus.
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