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    Adam, I replied to your PM, settle.
    I finished Ash's house a few days ago, there was just some weird clipping going on when zoomed out.. Anyway it's fixed, but it limits how far away the sprite is visible.. The camera angle will fix this.
    So, as promised, here is a screenshot of the result:

    Ash's house front

    Ash's house side

    Next 3d sprite I'll be working on is Oak's Lab (Also a KyleDove public sprite). Previews to come!

    Also might consider implementing some camera control systems (2 in mind) and integrating the 8-way direction script..

    Here's a quick to-do list for anyone wondering wtf is going on with all this:
    - Oak's Lab
    - Viridian City Pokemon Centre
    - Viridian Police Station
    - Bill's Lighthouse
    - Generic Houses
    - Special Houses (Landmark structures with custom colours)
    - Fence
    - Bridge
    - Shrub
    - Cliffs
    - Slopes
    - Ledges
    - River Edges

    Game Mechanics
    - Camera Modes
    - 8-way Movement
    - Visible Battle-encounter

    Pokemon Indigo League is a re-creation of the original Pokemon TV series in game form
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