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    Uh-oh. Adeline hit a nerve.

    He was out of his chair in a moment and in her face in the next. "Don't you dare speak of father in that way!!" He was nearly red in the face at this point. Though, after a few seconds, he let out a deep exhale, returning to pale skin color. "Look... Father is the reason we have this tower, and all of the things we have. You shouldn't be so ignorant to that fact... Even if he hasn't left his room..." He sighed quietly and walked over to the window, pushing his thin-framed glasses up closer to his eyes.

    "I have a very bad feeling... I just feel it... Resentment... I wonder if mother doesn't appreciate us any more... Or perhaps, she hates father so much that she's bringing hatred to our families." He sighed and rubbed his fingers over his eyes at the bridge of his nose. "I think Seraphina's putting up a good example... We should rest. As for her apprentice, there's plenty of non-royalty family members in the lower levels of the tower. Maybe we could call a family meeting." He sat back down in his chair, closing his eyes. Setsuko was already asleep beside Mai.