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Originally Posted by Bubbles987 View Post
Hello everyone!
I am a new user, who just signed up today.
I am reading over the rules and hope to make some new friends! (Because none of my friends IRL like Pokemon T.T)

Anyways, my name is Beth. I like video games (obviously), anything to do with the arts, and sweets ^ ^
I usually don't join forums because people have treated me really rudely in the past. But PC looks pretty friendly and has definitely helped me with questions over the years!

Lastly, I'd like to apologise for any spelling mistakes, as I am posting this on my mobile >.<
Hello Beth, and welcome to PC!!! I'm Psystar, AKA Star, Dragon or just Jude.
PC is a good place to be if none of your friends IRL like Pokemon. You'll make plenty of friends here! No one is bound to mistreat you or be rude here.
I like video games, art and sweets as well! See, we've got some things in common already

And BTW, I don't see any spelling mistakes.
:3 n__n :D
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