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    Aww, what an adorable little Arcanine. I love Arcanine, ever since my first game Gold.

    Welcome to PC Cut!!! These forums may seem big, but they are in no ways intimidating. You'll find yourself enjoying them more and more as time passes.

    I'm a bit of a fangirl myself, but I'm mainly focussing on ROM hacking at the moment. I joined PC because I wanted to learn more about hacking. BTW if you get more interested in hacking and decide to start a hack yourself, feel free to VM me for sprite/titlescreen editing help.

    I was born in 1991 myself, but my first game was Gold. Since then I've played most of the games from each generation. I'm eagerly awaiting for B2W2 to come out so that I can continue my Gen 5 adventure.

    It looks like you've gotten in the hang of how PC works. But remember you can always VM a mod if you have any questions about anything in PC.
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