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Originally Posted by cut_throat95 View Post
Hey guys!
I've patrolled these forums a few times, but never made an account. I've never been a big forum person, they are kinda intimating to be completely honest. But i've decided I want this to be my first forum that I am actually accepted in...
So hey guys...
My names cut_throat95
It's pretty long and people often just use cut
which is just fine.


Also Arcanine.
Hi Cut_Throat95, welcome to PC.

Just like you, I lurked the forum years before actually joining. I was a total noob when I started but interacting with so much people here contributed towards my personal development as a PC member.

I've been a fan of Pokemon ever since I was 7. Even though I turned 20 on Monday, I never plan on retiring from Pokemon anytime soon... especially with Black 2 & White 2 coming out next week!

Now, based on what I saw you post in the Adoption Center, I might recommend the Emulation section. It's the go-to place for all ROM hacking and scripting needs (Yeah I'm such a stalker...)

Since you also play the Pokemon games in general, I shall also direct you to Current Generation Pokemon Gaming and General Pokemon Gaming Discussions. But I recommend you post in loads of different sections too.

Enjoy your stay and if you ever need help, feel free to VM me or a moderator.

- Hikari10
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