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    Originally Posted by miksy91 View Post
    I don't know whether you've done this but wouldn't it be a good idea to share information on how to make beta 3.1 save file compatible with 3.2 rom file? Yeah, you probably don't want anyone to know how to hack flags that easily but for the ones who'd like to continue with their old save file, this thing would come in handy (especially, if wanting to continue with beta 3.1 save file with beta 4).

    Once again, more assumptions here based on what you told in your latest post which makes it feel possible and user-friendly to be done... If you did more than changing the ram locations where the flag bits and variables are saved, doing this won't of course work nicely enough.

    Heck, you don't have to answer me if you feel annoyed by seeing me pointing this out now. But I'm just saying it because with GB, such thing done with WRAM wouldn't be so bad it couldn't be done (even by a beginner with a step-by-step tutorial).
    Believe me, it's not something we can do. We moved a huge portion of the flags/variables/trainerflags into a brand new memory location, and the reason that this makes 3.1 incompatible with 3.2 is that it essentially "resets" all variables and flags so that they're all set to 0 (because the previous memory location, where the "correct" value for the variable is stored is no longer used.

    With the trainerflags, they all get set to beaten.

    As you can see, this is obviously problematic, since it causes events to break and trainers to be useless in game. There's no good way to copy the old values over into the new locations. Besides which, it's advisable to play 3.2 from the start again anyway because 3.2 contains myriad fixes for little bugs you may have triggered otherwise.

    Believe me when I say we thought long and hard about introducing the new variables, but we decided it'd be worth it since it would all but eradicate most of the flag/variable corruption issues. 3.2 runs far more reliably than 3.1 ever did due to the memory hacks we implemented. We came to the conclusion that it'd be all but impossible to actually implement some sort of conversion.

    I hope that helps explain my stance from above.
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